Indu Construction

Mission & Vision

Our Mission
The firm takes an opportunity of constructing award winning construction services. Our mission can be summed up with the following points which displays our commitment for building strong and healthy world for better tomorrow -
  • To set standards that assist in improving our environment.
  • Offer a wide portfolio of international reliable measures.
  • To deliver value for safety and health.
  • To render excellent investment returns
  • Aim for complete satisfaction of every one
  • Build long lasting relationship
  • Focus on strategic growth
  • Set new trends in construction and building practices

Our Vision
Our vision can be captured by the inspiring phrase- building a strong &healthy world . Our singular aim is to visualize, design and build the most splendid landmarks and edifices. Our emphasis lies in regional and national development by conceptualizing prime infrastructural projects, keeping in view the preservation of the surrounding areas and the environment.Some of our ongoing projects developed to fulfill our vision are as follows : -

Ongoing Projects
  • Construction of District Court Complex at Amravati.
  • Affordable Housing on land bearing Kh.No.54, Mouza-Wathoda, City Survey No.173 Sheshnagar, Middle Ring Road, Nagpur.
  • Construction and Development of Shri. Sant Gadge Baba Nirwan Bhumi and adjoining 10 acre land with its Sub-works at Walgaon Dist. Amravati.